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Vision Volumetric wins prestigious award at worlds largest modular event

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Vision Modular Systems wins prestigious award at world’s largest modular event

Vision Modular Systems has won the prestigious “Excellence in Innovation” award at this year’s Awards of Distinction at the World of Modular Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The company, which has seen sustained year-on-year growth and is responsible for some of the world’s most groundbreaking modular buildings, was represented by its founder and chairman John Fleming, who received the award in front of over 1000 attendees from across the globe, following an earlier presentation by the Chairman to the audience.

In its 39th year, the World of Modular Convention and Awards is organised by the Modular Building Institute (MBI), the USA’s largest trade association serving the modular construction industry. The body has been instrumental in removing legislative barriers for the sector while also working with universities and research institutions across the world to advance modern methods of construction (MMC).

Vision Modular Systems with its development and contracting company; Tide Construction, specialises in delivering volumetric, modular schemes, such as the George Street skyscraper for Greystar in Croydon, London that is currently the world’s tallest modular building.

Together Vision Modular Systems and Tide Construction have led the way in modernising construction in the UK. In recent years, the two companies have delivered over 6.5 million sq. ft. of precision-manufactured developments and has invested considerably in research, development and testing to continually advance their system.

Recognising the built environment’s huge carbon footprint, Vision Modular Systems’ accredited methods have also been instrumental in decarbonising construction by providing a greener alternative to regenerating communities and delivering high-quality modular assets for institutional investors.

The approaches deployed by the company make it possible to achieve quantifiable savings on energy and waste, helping Vision Modular Systems adhere to its own stringent ESG criteria. Buildings are currently responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions, but Vision Modular Systems’ volumetric-led approach reduces a project’s embodied carbon levels by up to 45%, which has been independently verified by some of the UK’s leading universities.

John Fleming, founder and chairman of Vision Modular Systems, said: “This award recognises Vision Modular’s sector-leading position in the UK, where we have a strong track record of revolutionising the way in which housing is delivered. Years of significant growth, in terms of our pipeline and financial strength, is demonstrated through our long-standing partnerships​ ​with some of the world’s biggest institutional purchasers and has established modular as a mainstream method of delivery.

It is an honour to receive such a high-profile accolade from the Modular Building Institute; an organisation that has been actively shaping the future for modular construction across the globe, and I would like to thank all those involved.

Michael Hough, director and founder, MJH Structural Engineers, said:

The Modular Building Institute has recognised the achievement of Vision Modular Systems and MJH Structural Engineers by inviting us to receive the inaugral Excellence in Innovation Award at the World of Modular conference.   The MBI has recognised Vision Modular Systems as world leaders and for bringing modular construction into the realm of skyscrapers.

John McMullen, Director of the Modular Building Institute, added:

MBI introduced its Excellence in Innovation Award this year and I can’t think of a better inaugural project than 101 George Street. Michael and John did great work here that truly shows the potential of modular construction. On behalf of the industry, thank you and congratulations.