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Sustainability InBuilt

Three pillars of sustainability

Enhancing our communities

We don’t just build homes, we forge communities, with all of the amenities people need to thrive. The Vision system enables us to regenerate places quickly and efficiently. We have our own strong community too – based on long-term skilled jobs and a safe, clean, modern workplace.

Leading the economic transition

We deliver high-quality, low-carbon buildings at scale and at pace to support the transition to a decarbonised built environment. Projects using the Vision Volumetric system boast embodied carbon figures well ahead of industry carbon-reduction targets.

Championing the sector

Vision is a passionate advocate for volumetric construction. We have welcomed government ministers from the UK and overseas to our factory and sites. Our experts engage with national bodies to modernise the industry and help solve the housing and skills crises.

Design for optimisation
Design for longevity
Minimise material impact
Eliminate waste
Maximise reuse
  • Efficient structural design, reducing material requirements
  • Standardised components to reduce waste
  • Early design integration
  • Vision units are built to last
  • Structure is made from hot-rolled steel frames and reinforced-concrete floors
  • BOPAS accreditation for durability and system integrity
  • Key component materials responsibly sourced
  • Materials repurposed where possible
  • Materials accurately quantified in design process
  • Ordered to size from established supply chain
  • Lean manufacturing and our factory controlled setting minimises waste, and means our onsite waste is reduced by up to 80%
  • Stringent waste management procedures are enhanced due to rigorous factory controls
  • Over 99% of factory waste is reused, recycled or used in energy recovery
  • Suppliers are encouraged to reduce and, if possible, eliminate packaging materials
  • Defects minimised through optimised procedures and system efficiency
  • Our buildings are constructed utilising conventional construction materials and are long-lasting.  However, they are designed with future disassembly and reuse in mind
  • Precision-designed elements can facilitate future reuse and recovery
  • Whilst design and procurement are optimised for material efficiency, any residual materials are reused, where possible

Lower carbon

Independent academic research shows significant embodied carbon savings of our projects, when compared to industry benchmarks. This is largely due to our streamlined factory and onsite processes, in addition to a more efficient use of lower carbon materials. Furthermore, our own operational carbon is strictly monitored, targeted and reduced where possible. The controlled factory process enables us to collate such data which supplements our ongoing energy monitoring and targeting strategy to minimise energy use.

embodied carbon
< 80 %
less vehicle movements to site
< 80 %
less construction waste onsite
99 %
of waste is recycled or used for energy recovery

Surpassing industry targets

World leading academic research

The chart below illustrates the findings of our independent and academic LCA research across a number of projects and asset classes. These LCAs took place from 2018 to 2021 in line with industry guidance and compared our embodied carbon emissions to industry benchmarks.

Our Industry-leading projects
Safer for everyone

With company-wide ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety, we offer our employees a safe, clean, temperature-controlled working environment. Crucially, the volumetric system transfers high-risk work at height to the safety of the factory floor. Our units create safer homes too, with one example being that our projects offer 120 minutes of fire resistance, as standard.

Widening the pool

Our emphasis on in-house training, and range of manufacturing as well as construction roles, also makes the volumetric sector more accessible to people without a construction background, appealing to a broader demographic. We take on apprentices and engage in education support schemes to upskill our team and attract a new generation of talent.


Bespoke governance procedures underpin all our activities and our dedicated teams work closely with all relevant stakeholders to achieve the highest standards, backed up by external, industry-best certification.

Responsible management

We maintain an integrated management system covering our ISO certifications: 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) and 45001 (Health and Safety). Our performance is monitored regularly through an ESG Steering Committee and ESG dashboards.

Quality control

We use a cloud-based system for all quality control and quality assurance procedures. Components and workmanship, including passive fire protection measures, are fully traceable, and each volumetric unit has its own QR code.

Sustainable procurement policy

We are committed to the responsible sourcing of materials on each project. We only use suppliers that have passed our rigorous pre-qualification process.

Reporting progress

We collaborate closely with internal and external stakeholders to highlight our sustainability performance, and we produce company reports that present our progress towards environmental and social objectives. Our policies are aligned with GRESB best practice.

Sustainable finance

The investment community is now the major driving force behind the global ESG revolution. At Vision, we are in a unique position to work with our clients to demonstrate the significant ESG benefits our approach and assets bring.

Investment in research, development and testing

We have invested significantly in research and development over 20 years to comply with – and outperform – the Building Regulations. We conduct regular fire testing with the BRE to promote the highest levels of health and safety in our buildings.

Fundable, mortgageable and insurable

Vision volumetric schemes are fully accredited, ensuring they are fundable, mortgageable and insurable. The Vision system is covered by a 10-year structural warranty and assets incorporating the system have qualified for 12-year defect liability insurance.

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Further information

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