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Our proven track record

£ 3.5 bn
projects delivered
20,000 +
volumetric units
50 +
7 /10
of the world tallest volumetric buildings

Rising to the challenge

Volumetric systems have a critical role to play in addressing some of the most urgent issues facing society.

Climate change

The Vision system offers a less energy- and resource-intensive way of building. It can halve embodied carbon and drastically reduce the energy consumed in production. More than 99% of factory waste is recycled or used for energy recovery.

UK government target for reducing carbon emissions from buildings by 2035

3.5 million tonnes
annual carbon emissions emitted by UK construction waste

Housing crisis

Vision can help to ease the chronic shortages in the UK housing market with rapid, high-quality, sustainable delivery at scale and with less disruption to surrounding communities.

homes needed each year over the next 25 years to wipe out the current UK deficit

rise in house prices since 1998

Rapid urbanisation

Cities around the world are facing exponential growth over the coming decades. Volumetric construction will be a vital tool for providing homes in fast-growing urban centres.

proportion of the world’s population living in urban areas by 2050

1.5 million
current weekly growth of the global urban population

Skills shortages

By offering long-term, settled jobs, training and regular work patterns in a clean, safe, appealing environment, our approach encourages higher participation across all ages and genders. It is also inherently more productive, as the controlled factory setting makes it easier to supervise workers and safeguard quality.

Fall in UK construction workforce 2019-2022

extra workers needed by 2027